You may ask for an independent advice in the very beginning of your search and your negotiations.
This might save quite a lot of work and disappointments.
How deep and thoroughly researches have to be done, might differ from case to case.
It will be useful , if you cooperate regularly with one consultant.

At the latest you should ask for an independent advice, when you already have chosen some "candidates" and want to make sure, that the meant quality really is offered.

Expenses for the consultancy and the value estimation are usually born by the party
buying the Real Estate.
Depending on the size of the investment a thorough research should be undertaken for
these items:

Your consultant should give to you personal advice.
Make sure, that your consultant is insured and is liable for his advice.

A good, independent consultancy should cover these aspects:

If questions concerning town planning, building law or costs of renovating have to be answered, make sure, that your adviser is experienced in these fields.

Your consultant has to be chosen carefully, of course.
"Öffentlich bestellt und vereidigt" (ö.b.u.v), is not bad, experienced in housing and planning is necessary, practical knowledge of about refurbishing and its costs is certainly a plus.

Be sure, that he or she is not just nitpicking but has a general idea concerning the market
and your needs.

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